Track your PayPal analytics right within your Dasheroo data dashboard! Add key PayPal insights and measure your KPIs in your real-time sales dashboard.


View high level metrics from your PayPal account and revenue trends for the given time period. (Remember you need a PayPal merchant account to see valid data for these metrics.)


Recent Transactions

View the most recent transactions from your PayPal account with their status.

Recent transactions

Most Revenue

View the transactions that contributed to most revenue in the given time period.

Most revenue


View refunds issued from your PayPal account in the given time period and how it is trending.

Refunds by day

PayPal Fees

View the fees that PayPal charges your business and how it is trending in the given time period.

Fees by day

Transactions By Type

View a pie chart showing the different types of transactions including completed, failed, refunded, and pending. Note: You need a PayPal merchant account to see meaningful data.

Transactions by type

Product Leaderboard

View a tabular chart of the products that contributed most to revenue in the given time period.

Product leaderboard