Track your Facebook analytics right within your Dasheroo data dashboard! Add key Facebook insights and measure your KPIs in your real-time social media dashboard.

With the Dasheroo Facebook Fans insight you can track the number of your fans liking your Page over time. If you see this metric decrease significantly, it may mean that your Facebook Ads campaign has ended. Get on over to Facebook and extend your campaign!

Conversely, if you saw that you got a ton of new fans on a particular day, quickly review your Facebook Recent Posts insight on that same dashboard and look at the content you posted that day. You might consider posting similar content and boosting it.

Dasheroo enables you to track all of your Facebook analytics in one free dashboard.


View your overall Facebook Page performance.



View the total number of times activity from your Page is displayed.


New Fans

View the number of new people that like your Page ("fans") by day.

New fans


View the cumulative number of people that like your Page.


Engagement Rate

Total number of unique people who liked, shared, commented or clicked on your Page posts divided by total reach by day.

Engagement rate


Counts of clicks, shares, likes and comments from posts on your Page by day.


Post Likes

Counts likes from content on your Page by day.

Page likes

Post Clicks

Counts clicks from content on your Page by day.

Page clicks

Post Comments

Counts comments from content on your Page by day.

Page comments

Post Shares

Counts shares of content on your Page by day.

Page shares

Recent Posts

Performance (likes, shares, comments, clicks) of your most recent posts.

Recent posts

Highest Engagement

Top posts that generated the highest engagement rate.

Top posts


Gender, language and geographic data of your fans.


Impressions, Reach, and Engagement

Tracks impressions, reach, and engagement of content from your Page and how it trends in the given time period.

Impressions reach engagement

Negative Feedback by Type

The number of times people took a negative action on your content and how it trends in the given time period.

Negative feedback

Post Consumptions by Type

Displays content consumption (link clicks, photo views, video plays, and other clicks which generate a story).

Post consumptions by type

New Reviews

Track the number of new reviews you've received over a specific timeframe.


Total Reviews

View the all-time total of reviews you've received.

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