Marketing Analytics Dashboards for Agencies

Manage all your clients from a single account. Share and collaborate on the KPIs that matter most, at prices you set.

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“Dasheroo saves us time by aggregating the key metrics we monitor with our clients. This used to be a manual process that's now automated and always available. Our clients are loving it.”

Managing clients is hard work. Gathering metrics?
Time Consuming & Chaotic!

With Dasheroo for Agencies, you can manage all your clients from a single account and collaborate on the reporting metrics that matter most, all at the prices you set.

Multiple Teams and Clients

Dasheroo grows effortlessly with your agency, no matter how many clients you bring on.

With our agency console you can support teams of any size, each with flexible levels of permissions making it easy to collaborate on client dashboards in real-time.

Don't want the client having carte blanch access? No problem! Export and send co-branded pdf reports when the time is right. They’ll never need to know about Dasheroo…if you don’t want them to!

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Custom, Co-Branded PDF Reports

Set Your Own Pricing

You decide what it should cost your clients. There is one billing relationship with Dasheroo so you can charge your client for data management and reporting — a new potential revenue stream!

Reliable & Secure

The world's most respected agencies and brands rely on Dasheroo's platform to track their client's KPIs. Our cloud-based tools are both secure, reliable and backed by top-tier customer support.

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Save time, cut out the chaos of client reporting & make money doing it!

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